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Accolade Property Mgmt Services
Each property we service has it’s own set of characteristics that make them unique– not all properties can have the same management plan. We take thorough care in creating a management plan that fits your community and the desires of all Association members. Some of the ways we are able to deliver our 
high level of service:

Develop and carry out specific preventative maintenance plan based on your community’s needs. We work diligently to build a plan with a focus on preserving your investment and preparing for the future.

Forecasting our initial management path is key to a smooth transition. We understand that change can be difficult and we make it our responsibility to ensure that the transition in management companies is seamless.

Community relations is key to a successful Association. We pride ourselves in our timely response to all HOA member requests and concerns and our ability to keep residents informed with community newsletters. We are also available 24 hours for any emergency situation that may arise. 

Frequent site inspections and document enforcement are essential in the upkeep of your community. Being a local firm allows us the flexibility of visiting our client’s properties often and ensuring compliance of rules and regulations and proper maintenance of the property and buildings. 

Depending on your community’s needs, we offer in-house preparation of accurate monthly financial reports and collection of common fees. For some of our communities, we work closely with a local, reputable accounting firm to manage the association’s finances. Accounting needs vary greatly with each community and the choice will be made on what best suits your needs.